Appointments Pilot

Manage Appointments

Set up office schedule for student appointments, view student appointments, and check-in students for their appoitments.

Manage Appointments
Schedule Appointments

Schedule appointments online with participating offices on campus, view details of your appointments, and cancel existing appointments.

Schedule Appointments
 Support and Feedback

Get in touch with the DUE Data & Development team to get help or answers to any questions.

What is the Appointments Pilot?

Appointments is DUE’s flexible system for keeping track of student appointments. It allows office managers and staff members to set up their availability, and then for students to make appointments with that office online.

Appointments is being introduced to DUE through an initial five-month closed pilot period. During this pilot period, several DUE units will begin using Appointments, and we will utilize their feedback to improve and update the system. At the end of the pilot period, all DUE units will be invited to make use of Appointments.

We welcome any questions and feedback you have:

What can Appointments do?

Appointments is a flexible appointment scheduling system that provides self-service for students as well as robust appointments management for DUE offices. Some features are listed below.

For DUE office staff:

  • Creates appointment slots automatically based on your office schedule and your availability
  • Integrates with your Outlook Exchange calendar to automatically prevent appointments from being created during existing meetings
  • Reminds students (via email) of upcoming appointments
  • Allows you to specify which students have access to scheduling appointments
  • Allows you to manually set up appointments for students

For students:

  • Displays office availability so you can schedule your own appointments conveniently online
  • Allows you to view or cancel your own existing appointments

What offices are available in Appointments?

The offices that will be available in Appointments during the pilot period are the Writing Center, the Scholarship Opportunities Program, Student Success Initiatives, the Capital Internship Program, the Campuswide Honors Program, and the Learning and Academic Resource Center. By early 2018, the system will be available to all DUE units. If you are interested in using or have questions about Appointments, please email